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Your Naturopath: Lisa Bennett

Integrative Naturopath Lisa Bennett works solely in private practice in Doreen

110 Laurimar Boulevard, Doreen 3754

Phone 0411 713 323 for any enquiries or consultation bookings



Lisa's Qualifications

  • Registered Nurse Division One 1999
  • Registered Critical Care Nurse 2000
  • Degree in Naturopathy - Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy 2004
  • Certificate in Natural Fertility 2005
  • Certificate in Anti Ageing Medicine - A5M 2009
  • Certificate in Hormone Management - A5M 2009
  • Certificate in Integrative Medicine - Queensland University 2009
  • Post Graduate - Nutritonal & Environmental Medicine - ACNEM 2010
  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine 2010
  • Certificate in Advanced Prescribing of Celloids 2010
  • 'Certificate in Ayuvedic Medicine 2010
  • Certificate of Anti Ageing 2010-2013 :                                              
    Modules completed: Adrenal Fatigue / Anti-Ageing Medicine / Detoxification / Metabolic Disorders & The Ageing Process

    Post Graduate - Women's Health : From Menarche to Menopause - ACNEM 2011

With a passion for a better quality of healthcare, Lisa has 20 years of critical care nursing & fitness instructing & a 4 year Degree in Naturopathy. 

Having also completed a post graduate certificate in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine and in the process of A5M Anti Ageing Certification, Lisa is a fully acredited Integrative Medicine practitioner. 

Understanding that most people respond more effectively to a combination of treatment options, Lisa combines all of her knowledge to provide you with an exceptional level and quality of care.

With more than a total of 27 years experience in healthcare, Lisa's comprehensive assessments are unique in approach; ensuring YOU, a renewed sense of vitality and wellbeing.

As a staunch advocate of Naturopathy, and to ensure you get the most recent evidence based treatment, Lisa regularly attends both complementary & traditional medical conferences. She is currently completing her fellowship in Anti ageing medicine through A5M -Australia & A4M - America.

Not only with the mission to raise the level of awareness and understanding of Naturopathy to the medical and general community, Lisa also aims to ensure academic excellence from it's future practitioners and guest lectures 'Nutritional Medicine'.

Current member of:

NHAA - National Herbalsit Association

ACNEM - Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine

A5M - Australian Anti Ageing Association


What is Naturopathy?                                                                      

Naturopathy is a well recognised form of medicine which is widespread & on the increase among many Australians and the general community. Working as prevention as well as treatment, naturopathy aims to improve your current health, as well as reduce the possible effects our current diet & lifestyle have on our lifelong health. Offering help for most medical conditions, it provides complete approaches to your health & wellbeing.

Believing the causes of disease are complex, naturopaths are concerned with understanding you as a person, as well as understanding the nature of your health & or disease.

Aiming to support your body, Naturopathy works in a gentle & non invasive manner.     

A wide range of assessment and treatment options are used by a naturopath to help you reach your health goals.

Lisa currently uses a variety of additional services:

Functional Pathology Testing

Conventional Pathology testing

Diet & Nutritional & Skincare Advice

Herbal & Nutritional Supplements

Cosmeceutical range of anti aging skincare - Medic8, DrAspect,and Musq makeup



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